Hi! I’m Lori, a game developer!

Games are the fusion of logic and art–two things I’m passionate about. I put myself in the game industry because I believe in pursuing my interests.

As a programmer, I enjoy designing architecture, and putting in effort to make it work the way I intend it to. It feels like creating a game is a game in itself–a puzzle where there are limitless pieces. It’s always fun to find pieces that have the shape I’m looking for, and to find pieces that fit more snugly than the ones I currently have. And at the end of the day, I’m rewarded with a completed picture, the proof of my hard work.

As an artist… well, I can’t really call myself one yet (still a fledgling!). I’ve always wanted to create digital art, so I grabbed at the opportunity to be in charge of the visual needs of the team. I tend to favor recent trends toward a clean, minimalistic style.

Skills: Unity, C#, C++, game development, 2d vector art