Duck Duck’s Dagger

An endless game where you use your head (literally) to dodge daggers.
Programming, Art, Sounds

Golden Duck

A simple endless 2D game where you help a duck lay as many golden eggs as possible.
Programming, Art, Sounds

Forest Path Guardians

A human child is lost in the Mystical Forest of Acia. Play the part of a Forest Guardian and guide the child through the forest.
Programming, Level Design, QA

Partey Pooper

The poopiest game you’ll ever play! Be a Partey Pooper! Poop in the party without getting caught!
Gameplay, Programming

A Knight In 2 Quests: Brain It On!

An action packed arcade puzzle game that will surely challenge players, A Knight in Two Quests Brain It On! is the ultimate medieval multitasking, brain training game (using two fingers but only one brain)!

Manic Market

Play the role of Troy, the kitchen boy, and save Le Bon Appetit. Dash down the market aisles and grab all the ingredients needed to make the most exquisite dinner dishes.

Manic Market 2

Troy and friends are back with all new recipes for Manic Market 2! Rush through different dimensions to collect extraordinary ingredients!

Hue Hue Blaster

Get ready for hours of color mixing and laser blasting fun in the action arcade and defense game, Hue Hue Blaster!


Alert! Patients’ immune systems are under attack. White blood cell resources have been updated. Target: eliminate pathogens to prevent further infection.

Immunition: Game Of Cells

Take command of microbes and pathogens and have them unleash war on each other! Come up with tactics to defend yourself and strike down on your enemies!

The Food In Our Stars

Embark on an exciting space exploration adventure!
Fight space pirates, conduct research, explore the universe, recruit crew members, mine resources, take on quests, and learn the secrets of the universe; the possibilities are endless!

Scurry Hurry

Are your reflexes fast enough? How long can you keep the hamster wheels spinning? Find out by playing Scurry Hurry, a simple yet addictive fast-paced arcade game!

Raisin Rush

Keep Chip the monster happy by smashing raisin cookies before they fall into his mouth!

Sugar Route

Help the candy factory transfer all those sweets to the packaging area and save the day!

Ice Cream Tower

Stack ice cream as high as you can as fast as you can as you try to make the customer happy.


The Black Birds are threatening the survival of our bird family! We must gather the small birds to withstand this attack!