Duck Duck’s Dagger

An endless game where you use your head (literally) to dodge daggers.

In this game, *you* are the main character!

=== Stand your ground, face the enemy! ===

Keep your face in front of your device so the dagger-throwing duck can see you. No hiding!

=== Duck the duck’s daggers ===

Avoid daggers by moving your head. Close misses give higher scores, but get hit once and you’re dead.

  • Play with Face Detection: Simply move your head in front of your camera to control your in-game avatar!
  • Share your score on Facebook and challenge your friends to a ducking duel!
  • Compete with players around the world to be the best dagger ducker!

Worked on programming and Unity development, created the graphics assets, and published on the Play and App Stores as a free game with ads. Completed in ~46 days.



Produced by
Created by
Ron Crisostomo
Lori Godoy
Music by
Maksym Halahan