Dumb Ways To Die Clone

A collection of minigames about various dumb ways to die.
This clone has 13 of the 18 minigames from the original game.


His hair is on fire! Run to put it out!
Swat the wasps off!
Choose the door without a psycho!
Plug the holes to stop the blood!
Drag the fork out of the toaster carefully!
Help him get his balloons back!
Connect your electrical wires!
Flick the piranhas away!
Move characters below the yellow line!
Guide the spaceman back to his helmet!
Tilt to keep him from falling!
DON’T press the red button!
Blow to keep the plane flying!

Gameplay is modeled after the original game, though some content (such as animations) were changed due to resource limitations.
Sounds and art assets are either created by us or taken from open-source websites.
The only part taken directly from the source is the Dumb Ways to Die music video (since video editing/creation is out of our scope).


Game programming, artwork and audio

Ron Lester Crisostomo
Loribelle Godoy

Special Thanks

The creators of the video that started it all
McCann Melbourne

The developers of the original Dumb Ways to Die game
Barrel Of Donkeys

Thanks for the free resources!

Kenney.nl, Dieter Steffmann, David Kovalchik, astronautboys, Mike Koenig,
JaBa, ggctuk, ColdAir, NoiseCollector, Nbs Dark,
ArnyDnDRobinhood76, EMSIarma, alex@vsi.tv, DrMinky, benjaminharveydesign,
JoelAudio, _micro, deraj, neonaeon, BeatsbyCasper,
LittleRobotSoundFactory, UncleSigmund, EdgardEdition, martian, plingativator,
Pullover aus Milch, Timbre, squareal, Diboz