Golden Duck

A simple endless 2D game where you help a duck lay as many golden eggs as possible.

Feed the duck a balanced diet of protein, carbs, and fiber, to make it lay golden eggs. Be careful to keep the balance, unless you want a sick duck!

  • Too much protein? Say hello to constipation.
  • Too much carbs? The duck gets very fat.
  • Too much fiber? Diarrhea becomes a problem.

Feed it some more and the duck explodes! (Quite literally.)

If all of those sound horrible, you can swipe away extra food to make your problems fly off the screen.
(Or try poking the duck. Because it’s fun poking the duck.)

Get the world’s best score, and have your own name known by everyone. 😉

Worked on programming and Unity development, created the graphics assets, and published on the Play and App Stores as a free game with ads. Completed in ~22 days.



Produced by
Created by
Ron Crisostomo
Lori Godoy
Music by
Maksym Halahan
Additional sounds by
Mike Koenig,