Hello! I am Ron, a Unity/C# game developer. I am a gameplay programmer, and the resident UI and sounds guy of the team!

For me, there’s nothing as satisfying as seeing the work you do come to life in the form of a game. With the help of a game engine, you can go from abstract idea to playable prototype in just a few hours!

As a game dev, I like simple mechanics, the sort that can be easily translated from concept to prototype in a few days’ time. After all, it’s easier to go from simple to complex than the other way around. If the prototype proves to have potential, we can add other features later on.

I have experienced a variety of roles in game development: programming, level design, QA, and even project management. I am mainly a programmer, but I fancy myself as a game designer. Not designer as in “art”, but one who designs the actual mechanics and interactions of the game.

Skills: Unity 3D, game development, C#, C++, level design, QA, in-game ads (AdMob, Chartboost), social sharing (Twitter, Facebook), in-app billing, analytics (Unity, Google, Game Analytics), augmented reality (Dlib, OpenCV), Google Play and App Store publishing